About us

Konkordia Capital is a proprietary investment vehicle designed to partner with small businesses seeking growth capital and/or liquidity solutions.


Konkordia Capital was born out of our experience in private equity and institutional investing. Having learnt from the flaws in these models, we created a way addressing them. KKC unites committed family office capital with industry focus that leverages the founder’s experience and advisory network. Together, we have created a unique vehicle designed to help entrepreneurs secure flexible funding solutions.


Konkordia was founded by Andrew Czernecki. Andrew has previously spent his career in private equity, focusing primarily on healthcare in both growth equity and the lower middle market. Andrew will be joined by Ashley Gotlieb. Ashley spends his career in consulting, with operational experience in numerous industries.

Target Acquisition Metrics

Konkordia seeks acquisition targets with the following characteristics:

  • Focused on verticals within healthcare and business services
  • Asset-light businesses, with a history of stable profitability
  • EBITDA of up to $5MM
  • U.S. focused operations

Funding / Advisors

Konkordia is privately sponsored by the Czernecki family office, who have allocated a subset of their funds to direct investments in healthcare and business services. Additionally, Konkordia has partnered with outside advisors having relevant industry and operational expertise. These advisors will work with KKC and its business partners to provide strategic guidance both pre and post-acquisition.