Founder Background

Andrzej Czernecki Sr. grew up in Poland, living through World War II and the period of communist rule. Throughout these troubled times, he was able to get a scholarship to Austria and begin work at Beckman Instruments, where he lead work on opening up eastern markets.

In 1980 he left Beckman to found his own company: Plastomed. Despite the difficulties of trying to run a private enterprise under communist rule, he was able to grow Plastomed into what became HTL Strefa S.A., a global supplier of medical devices employing nearly 1000 people.  In 2006 the story of Andrzej Sr. and HTL culminated in the company going public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Formation of EFC and the Family office

In 2009, Andrzej Sr. sold HTL to EQT Partners. Having sold his business, he turned his attention to philanthropy, founding the EFC Educational Foundation, a non-profit funding education for underprivileged children in rural Poland.

Andrzej Sr. formed the Czernecki family office in order to maintain the family assets and continue to support the operations of the foundation.

His work is continued by his son, Andrzej Czernecki Jr. who, together with his brother, the board, and their advisors oversee the office’s operations and investment allocations.