Konkordia Investment Criteria

Konkordia seeks opportunities that allow us to successfully utilize our knowledge, network, and skill set. Below are certain characteristics we look for that ensure the success of our partnerships.

Operational Criteria

Konkordia’s focus is on value-added, differentiated B2B or B2C businesses with the following attributes:

  • U.S. based businesses
  • Recurring revenue
  • Low customer concentration
  • A history of stable profitability
  • Asset light business model

Financial Criteria

  • Target EBITDA of up to $5MM
  • High margins with strong cash flow conversion
  • Low maintenance capex

Industry Criteria

Konkordia specializes in healthcare and business services investments, certain verticals we focus on include:

  • Physician practices & providers (examples: behavioral health, veterinary, ophthalmology, home health)
  • B2B services (examples: physician / nurse staffing, equipment maintenance)
  • Business process outsourcing (examples: CRM / marketing, billing & collections, data management & analysis)

Transaction Criteria

Konkordia above all seeks to be flexible in its transaction criteria and structure, certain situations we avoid are:

  • Turnarounds / distressed situations